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Traffic Racer Pro Online

About Traffic Racer Pro Online

Traffic Racer Pro Online is a dramatic and exciting high-speed racing game where you will challenge your driving skills in a crowded traffic environment. With sharp 3D graphics and vivid sound, the game offers a realistic and exciting racing experience.

Gameplay: In Traffic Racer Pro Online, players will control their cars to move through busy roads, avoid other vehicles and try to achieve the highest score possible. The game has many different game modes, including:

Endless Mode: Drive endlessly on the highway and try to go as far as you can.
Challenge Mode: Complete special missions and overcome difficult challenges.
Time Mode: Try to reach the farthest distance within a limited time.
Salient features:

Realistic 3D graphics: The game is designed with sophisticated 3D graphics, providing sharp and vivid images.
Wide variety of vehicles: Choose from a variety of vehicles, from sports cars to large trucks, each with its own characteristics and capabilities.
Upgrade and Customize: Upgrade your vehicle with new parts and customize its appearance to make your own unique vehicle.
Diverse traffic: Face many different types of vehicles on the road, from motorbikes, trucks to buses.
Play online: Challenge other players around the world and climb the leaderboards.


Use the WASD/ARROW keys.


Spacebar to brake the engine.

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