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Stunt Simulator 2

About Stunt Simulator 2

Stunt Simulator 2 is a driving simulation game with the goal of making players experience driving in the most realistic way.

Developed by a team of talented developers, this game has attracted the attention of many gamers around the world.

With beautiful graphics and smooth operating mechanisms, Stunt Simulator 2 gives players immersive experiences in the fascinating world of racing.


Purpose of Stunt Simulator 2:


In Stunt Simulator 2, players will be challenged with difficult driving missions that require high driving skills.

From drifting through dangerous curves to jumping over ramps at high speed, the game gives players thrilling and exciting moments.

With a vehicle upgrade system and a diverse collection of vehicles, players can customize and personalize their experience.


Outstanding features of Stunt Simulator 2:


Beautiful 3D graphics: Stunt Simulator 2 uses advanced graphics technology to recreate racing environments vividly and realistically.

Upgrade hierarchy: Players can upgrade and customize their vehicles to optimize driving performance.

Diverse game modes: Includes different racing modes, challenges and driving missions so players can test and improve their skills.

Variety of vehicles: From fast sports cars to powerful trucks, Stunt Simulator 2 offers a variety of vehicles for players to choose from.


WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move.
Spacebar: Handbrake.
Left-Shift: Nitro.
ESC: Pause.

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