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Tom and Jerry in New York: Taxi Cabs

About Tom and Jerry in New York: Taxi Cabs

Tom and Jerry in New York: Taxi Cabs" is a fun and dramatic adventure game, based on the famous cartoon "Tom and Jerry". In this game, you will participate in car racing taxi is full of humor and excitement between two familiar characters, Tom and Jerry, in the vibrant New York City setting.

Gameplay: Players will control Tom or Jerry to drive a taxi through the bustling streets of New York, avoiding obstacles and collecting special items. The goal is to complete various tasks and achieve the highest score possible. The game has many different game modes and levels, providing variety and challenges for players.

Salient features:

Vivid cartoon graphics: The game is designed with cartoon-style 2D graphics, bringing a familiar and fun feeling from the original movie.

Many levels and missions: Explore a variety of levels with challenging and funny missions.

Familiar characters: Choose to control Tom or Jerry, each character has their own skills and driving style.

Special Items: Collect items along the way to get special effects and enhance the taxi's abilities.

Diverse game modes: Including story mode, challenge mode and time mode.


Controls: Use arrow keys or touch buttons to control your taxi. Tap the screen to use special items.

Avoid obstacles: Avoid collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles on the road.

Collect items: Collect coins and special items to upgrade your taxi and unlock new levels.

Complete Missions: Complete assigned missions to progress further in the game and achieve high scores.

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