Drift Boss

Airport Clash 3D

About Airport Clash 3D

In Airport Clash 3D the scenario takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the Bloodhound bandits have occupied a terminal building. Your squad's mission is to locate and retrieve a powerful TNT bomb that is located in the center of the abandoned terminal. Delivering the bomb to the enemy base will cause irreparable damage and secure your victory. To defend against the oncoming hordes of enemies, you can utilize the fast and deadly Gatling machine gun. This weapon will aid your squad in breaching through the enemy lines and maintaining control over the battlefield.
Cooperation and teamwork with your allies are crucial to secure victory. To gain an advantage, you can search the map for hidden power weapons. These weapons can give you an edge in combat, allowing you to deal more damage or access special abilities.


- Arrow Keys (+ WASD) - Move.
- Mouse - Shoot.
- Space - Jump.
- C - Crouch.
- L - Enter/Exit Lock Mode.

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