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Jelly Truck

About Jelly Truck

Jelly Truck is a unique and fun truck driving game where players will drive a truck made of gelatin (jelly) through different levels.

In this game, players will have to overcome obstacles and challenges along the way, such as dirt hills, deep holes and even high walls.

The player's task is to control the jelly truck carefully so as not to drop the goods or overturn the vehicle.

Jelly Truck has simple but lovely graphics, along with vibrant music creating a fun and attractive atmosphere.

This game often requires players to have good car control skills, the ability to handle situations quickly and patience to overcome challenges along the way.

Jelly Truck not only brings exciting entertainment moments but also helps players practice thinking and reflexes skills.


Drive your Jelly truck over all the obstacles to complete each level. The goal is to get the Jelly trucks to the finish flag to level up.


Use the up and down arrow keys to drive forward.

Backwards, and the left and right arrow keys to tilt.

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