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Drift Hunters Pro

About Drift Hunters Pro

Drift Hunters Pro is a world famous drift racing game. Developed by Studio 3X, Drift Hunters Pro is not only an entertaining game but also a professional racing experience for those who are passionate about speed and driving skills.

Drift Hunters Pro stands out with sharp and realistic 3D graphics, vivid sound and a flexible, easy-to-use control system. Players will experience a realistic feeling when participating in dramatic and challenging drift races.

In "Drift Hunters Pro", players will be able to choose from many top drift cars from world-famous car manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, BMW and many other car manufacturers. Each type of car has its own characteristics and is improved to bring the best drift driving experience.

Players will compete on different tracks from city to countryside, from grassland to desert. They also have to face tough opponents and many different challenges on the track.

The bonus point system and vehicle upgrades are also outstanding features in Drift Hunters Pro. Players can earn bonus points by drifting, outpacing opponents, and completing racing objectives. These bonus points can be used to upgrade your car, buy accessories or unlock new levels.

Outstanding features of Drift Hunters Pro

Stunning and realistic 3D graphics
Flexible and simple control system
Diverse top-notch drift car models from famous car manufacturers
Diverse track and racing environments
Diverse bonus points and vehicle upgrade system


Use WASD or the Arrow keys to direct the vehicle.
Use the Space key as the handbrake.
Use C to change the camera view.
Use R for resetting the vehicle.
Use U to change KMH > MPH.
Use I for starting or stopping the engine.
Use P for Full Screen.

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