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Mega Ramp Car Stunts

About Mega Ramp Car Stunts

Mega Ramp Car Stunt is an action-packed racing game that offers players an adrenaline-pumping experience filled with thrilling jumps, high-speed racing, and jaw-dropping stunts. In this game, you'll be immersed in a world of mega ramps and stunt-filled tracks, where the objective is to navigate through challenging courses and perform spectacular stunts. The game features a variety of mega ramps and springboards that launch your car into the air, allowing you to perform gravity-defying stunts. From flips and spins to mid-air twists, you'll be able to showcase your driving skills and push the limits of what's possible. You'll need to balance speed, precision, and timing. You must race through the tracks, hit the ramps with the right speed and angle, and execute your stunts flawlessly. The more daring and skillful your stunts, the higher your score and the more rewards you'll earn.


- WASD or arrow keys = car movement.
- Hold mouse = camera movement.
- F = Nitro (NOS).
- Tab = pause menu.
- R = Respawn.
- Left mouse button = interact in-game UI.

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