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Slow Roads io

About Slow Roads io

Slow Roads io aims to create a relaxing and stress-relieving driving experience. In the game, the focus is on the serene enjoyment of driving rather than the interactions between cars. The game offers a tranquil and open road where players can freely navigate without the worry of other vehicles. The objective of the game is to travel as far as possible without encountering any accidents, allowing players to focus on the soothing aspects of driving rather than competitive gameplay.
Players have control over their vehicle's speed, acceleration, and steering, allowing them to navigate the road comfortably. Additional features such as weather selection and autopilot mode provide customization options and further contribute to the tranquil atmosphere.


- W/Up Arrow - Accelerate
- S/Down Arrow - Decelerate/Reverse
- A/Left Arrow - Turn Left
- D/Right Arrow - Turn Right
- Shift - Boost
- Spacebar - Handbrake
- R - Reset On Road
- C - Change Camera
- F - Autodrive

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