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Supra Drift 2

About Supra Drift 2

Welcome to the exciting world of Supra Drift 2, a thrilling drifting game that offers beautiful locations and the iconic Toyota Supra car for an incredible racing experience! As you navigate the tracks, embrace the art of drifting to showcase your skills. Drifting around corners, maintaining control, and earning high scores will be essential for success in this game. Experiment with different techniques and find the perfect balance between speed, control, and style.


- Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to drive your car, allowing you to accelerate, brake, and steer.
- Press the Spacebar to engage the handbrake. Mastering the handbrake can help you execute sharp drifts and tight turns.
- Activate the Nitro boost by pressing the F key. Nitro gives your car an extra burst of speed, perfect for overtaking opponents or achieving high-speed drifts.
- If you need to pause the game, press the P key to bring up the pause menu.
- To enhance your precision and control, you can activate slow motion by pressing the G key. This feature allows you to navigate tricky sections of the track with greater ease.

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