Drift Boss

Uphill Rush 12

About Uphill Rush 12

  Uphill Rush 12 is a driving game where you drive to the finish line as fast as you can and make sure you don't get upside down! In this game, the road to the finish line will not be easy. You will encounter challenging obstacles like loops, jumps and other dangerous ramps, but fear not as you can use them to show off your skills and perform stunts! In the theme park that will set the stage for you, there will be a total of 20 levels for you to drive and race through, using cars, bikes, motorbikes, even horses, surfboards, boats, etc. You can only do that if you earn money completing courses with really good timing and the same goes for buying better acceleration, speed, balance or acceleration. Get ready to experience the best in this game.


- W or up arrow key = accelerate
- A or left arrow key = rotate left
- D or right arrow key = rotate right
- S or down arrow key = slow down
- Space = boost speed.

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